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Self-Care Habits You Need to Start Right Now to Balance Your Hormones

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

In my 1 on 1 sessions I ask my clients to fill out an intake form so I can get to know them better and get to the root cause of their health problems. I ask a couple questions related to self-care like “what do you love to do for fun?” And “how do you deal with stress?”. In the first question people give a list of things they love to do and the second question, most people say nothing. NOTHING. I am always shocked at this answer, especially when they tell me their stress is a 9 out of 10.  

So here is a list of some Self-Care habits to help balance your hormones that I think are totally underrated and need to be done more often: 
  1. Going for a walk in nature 

  2. Getting creative, like painting 

  3. Hanging out with friends 

  4. Making a delicious meal from scratch 

  5. Buying yourself flowers 

  6. Listening to a podcast or reading a book 

  7. Doing your skincare routine  

  8. Cleaning & organizing 

  9. Taking your supplements 

  10. Impromptu dance party 

It's important to find what works for you and something you truly enjoy. When you work with me in my 1 on 1 sessions we work together to find what self-care habits work for you, especially in your busy schedule!


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