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Do you suffer from painful periods?
Hormonal acne?
Periods that are irregular or missing?

My Story

I know how you feel!  My birth control journey started when I was 12 years old. I was rushed into emergency surgery to have one of my ovaries removed due to a ruptured cyst. To say that this was a huge turning point at 12 years old is an understatement!


After my surgery, all of the Dr.’s and Specialists that I saw determined that the answer to balancing my hormones was to put me on the birth control pill. Once I started the pill, the doctors told me that the only option I had to keep my hormones in check (and not rupture my other ovary!) was to stay on the pill for life. I didn’t know any better so I stayed on it despite all of the mood changes, terrible PMS, blindingly painful cramps, breast tenderness and headaches that I was experiencing.


After being on birth control for about 12 years and suffering through all of the unbearable side effects, I decided I had to make a change. So, I started researching and learning about all the side effects of birth control (and the pill in particular) and made the tough decision to come off of the pill. I knew that I had to prepare my body as much as I could before coming off, by doing my best to balance my hormones through diet, lifestyle and supplements.

I read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, went to multiple natural health practitioners, and even became a Certified Nutritionist myself! I can now happily say it’s been over 4 years since I’ve been off of the birth control pill, and I feel amazing. I have more energy, I feel happier, my skin looks more vibrant, my period comes at the same time every month and I don’t have terrible cramps anymore.


This is why I work with women just like you, so you don’t have to suffer like I did for so many years.  There is another way!

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How I Started Nutrition Moderation

I started Nutrition Moderation in 2015 while I was studying to be a dietitian at University. It started out as a place to share my food and healthy recipes with friends and family. Then, once I graduated, I attended The Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I discovered my passion for Women’s Health and Hormones. 


I connected with some amazing women who were also looking for answers to their health and hormone issues. After about 12 years of struggling with hormone imbalance, I finally started to get some clarity on how to balance my own hormones through whole foods, a healthy lifestyle, and proper supplementation.

Ever since then Nutrition Moderation has flourished into a wellness hub for all things women’s health, hormones, periods birth control and personal growth.

Professional Designations & Certificates

I received my diploma at Ryerson University for Food and Nutrition then continued my education at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I received my designation as a Certified Nutrition Practitioner with First Class Honours. 


Since then, I deepened my knowledge for health and wellness by attaining my certification as a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner (CHCP) from The Edison Institute of Nutrition, my certification for Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBCA) from The Edison Institute of Nutrition and finally, my certification for Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) through Premier Research Labs.

Most recently, I have become a Certified Women's Health Practitioner 🎉

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