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Is Your Period Normal?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

One of my clients shared with me recently that her period was normal but she had a ton of symptoms of hormone imbalance. She had cyclical breakouts, she was tired all the time, experienced heavy bleeding and terrible cramps.

Now let me say, although cramps are common, they are not normal. If you're reaching for the heating pad and Advil every month, it's time to get to the root cause of your pain and fix your period! Of course she thought her period was normal because that's all she knew.

Ladies, it's time to break the taboo about period talk (and most other women's health issues).

So in the effort to normalize period talk, I recently shared an Instagram post talking about what a normal period looks like.

Let's check in with our fifth vital sign (the menstrual cycle). What is it telling you?

  • Is your period longer than 32 days?

  • Do you have blood clots?

  • Is your period missing?

  • Do you have extremely painful periods?

Before becoming a holistic menstrual health expert I never used to pay attention to what my period was telling me. Similar to my client, my period was always extremely painful, heavy and full of clots. The only way I could get through work or school was to take the max dose of Advil. After coming off birth control and really paying attention to my cycle, I was able to balance my hormones.

if the perfect period seems like something only dreams are made of, think again! It is totally possible to have the perfect period.

Here's what you want to aim for:

  • A regular period, like clockwork. If you’re period is on schedule, every 28 days or so and lasts 3-5 days before going on it’s merry way, then you are in good shape!

  • The colour should be like a deep cranberry or dark cherry juice. If it's light pink, dark purple, brown or orange, it's a sign that some hormones are out of whack.

  • The consistency should be the same every month. You should have a flow that is 1-2 teaspoons worth of blood each day for 1-3 days, then it'll naturally get lighter towards the end of your period. If your period is lighter, heavier or full of clots, it's a strong indication of hormone imbalance.

  • Your period should be peaceful and easy. If it feels like a herd of cats is clawing at your uterus, and your sleep, mood and energy are all over the place, then your period could use some extra loving. We want to aim for little to no cramping, peaceful/undisturbed sleep, close to normal energy and a feeling of calm, cool and content. Basically, I want your period to feel easy-like-Sunday-morning!

So how do you fare? Is your period a nightmare or a dream? If your cycle isn't a dream, it might be time to talk with a Nutritionist who specializes in women's health and menstrual wellness. Book your free 15 minute call with me here!


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