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The power of food is amazing when it comes to hormone balancing. As a women's health nutritionist, I see this power at work every single day. 
My online wellness resources are designed to provide guidance for everything from immune boosting guidance to meal plans created for specific concerns such as PCOS and prenatal nutrition.

My 6-week cycle syncing & hormone balancing program will help you eat well & nourish your body during each phase of your cycle. This program is for you if you have PMS, painful periods and want to sync your life with your cycle. In this program we'll work 1:1 so you can understand each phase of your cycle and the life changing magic of cycle syncing.

In my 12-week post-birth control program we'll work together to help balance your hormones post-pill. If you suffer from PCOS, endometriosis or imbalanced hormones post-pill, this program is for you. This program is 100% customized to you. I provide 1:1 support as a women's health expert to help you balance your hormones post-pill naturally. 


Meet Alex

I specialize in women's health nutrition and helping women balance their hormones post birth control to balance side effects and support them in boosting their fertility. I work with women one-on-one whether they’re on birth control, need support while coming off or have already come off of hormonal birth control.


Together we get to the root cause of the hormonal imbalances at play and come up with a plan that includes diet, lifestyle and personalized supplementation recommendations that will help bring your body back into balance.

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