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Holistic Women's Health Courses



A Cycle Syncing Course

39 Lessons

In this Cycle Syncing course you'll learn all about how to sync your life to your menstrual cycle so you can start working WITH your body instead of against it. We'll go through all the phases of your cycle and I'll give you advice on business, workouts, relationships, foods to eat and foods to avoid during each phase of your cycle as you're going through it.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to balance your hormones

  • You have hormone imbalances like PCOS, endometriosis, PMDD, PMS, ovarian cysts and want to learn how to balance your hormones

  • You want to learn the 4 phases of your cycle

  • You want to learn how to sync your life with your menstrual cycle so you can have better workouts, be more productive at work, have better relationships and more!

  • You want to feel amazing in your body all month

  • You want to feel more vibrant and less stressed

  • You want to feel confident and powerful

  • You want to feel aligned in your life

Are you ready to have more energy, clear/glowing skin, pain-free periods, being more productive at work, having better workout and deeper relationships?


A Hormone Balancing Masterclass

3 Lessons

In this online course you'll learn all about women's health & hormones, how to balance your hormones, how stress impacts your hormones and how the birth control pill affects your hormones.

  • In Lesson 1 on Hormone Balancing you'll learn:

    • The lowdown on your hormones & your menstrual cycle

    • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

    • Natural ways to balance your hormones

    • Nutrition for healthy hormones

  • In Lesson 2 on how stress impacts your hormones you'll learn:

    • Different types of stress

    • How your stress response works & where stressors come from

    • How stress directly impacts your menstrual cycle, hormones, libido & fertility

  • In Lesson 3 on the Birth Control Pill you'll learn:

    • How the Birth Control Pill works

    • When the Birth Control Pill is Prescribed

    • Side effects of the pill

    • Post-Birth Control Syndrome

    • Ditching the pill

    • Alternative birth control options

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