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Menstrual Masterclass

3 reasons why you have horrible cramps & how to fix it

What you'll learn:

Imagine a world where you no longer had to struggle with the pain of menstrual cramps

  • Are you tired of cancelling plans because you're in pain?

  • Do you want other options besides Advil and pain killers?

  • Are you exhausted from crying in the shower because of your cramps?

  • Do you want other options besides the birth control pill?

  • Are you reaching for the heating pad and you keep turning up the heat hoping it will help?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck and exhausted when everything shows up normal on your bloodwork?

  • Are you ready to have an easy, painless period?

Then I cannot wait to teach you how to get rid of your painful periods and start loving your body again

Join me in the Bye Bye Cramps course
To learn how why you're having painful periods & how ot finally get rid of them once and for all

In this course you will learn...

  1. The root cause of your cramps

  2. Everything you want to know about your cycle

  3. Nutrition for pain-free periods

  4. Lifestyle for pain-free periods

  5. Mindset for pain-free periods

  6. Supplements for pain-free periods

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to finally say bye bye cramps?

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