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Online Hormone Balancing Program

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I am so excited for this program! I created this program because it was exactly what I was looking for when I was coming off the pill and balancing my hormones post birth control pill.

Does this sound like you?

  • Constantly googling your symptoms to see what supplements and diets you can do to balance your hormones

  • Worried about long-term effects of hormonal birth control on your fertility & overall health

  • Losing handfuls of hair in the shower 

  • Worried about PBCS (post-birth control syndrome)

  • Googling "how to come off the birth control pill"

  • Experiencing mood swings that are so severe that you don't feel like yourself

  • Struggling with bleeding at times other than your period

  • Digestive issues that leave you bloated

  • Your period is MIA because it disappeared while on birth control 

  • Avoiding coming off birth control because you're terrified your skin & hormones will freak out

This was me once too. This is why I created the 12 Week Hormone Balancing Program! We'll work together one on one to balance your hormones through customized diet, lifestyle and supplements specific to you.

Here's what you'll get in the 12 Week Hormone Balancing Program:

6 Sessions

  • Initial Intake to go over your health history, intake forms and come up with a realistic game plan (1 hour)

  • 5 x 30 minute bi-weekly coaching sessions specifically planned out to optimize your cycle, get your questions answered and get support

  • Food lists & dietary recommendations for what to eat during each phase of your cycle PLUS 2 Meal Plans to support you during your Follicular phase & Luteal phase

  • Personalized supplement recommendations based on your unique symptoms

  • Lifestyle recommendations for coming off the pill including tracking your cycle, tracking your basal body temperature and cycle syncing

  • Goal setting & strategy planning for next steps towards keeping your hormones in balance

  • Email support for any questions or guidance you may need

  • Optional add on: DUTCH Hormone Testing


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